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3 Ways To Become an Actor With No Acting Experience

Lots of people dream of becoming an actor but think that as they haven’t done it before they won’t be able to. Much like any career choice, experience helps. However, just because you don’t have any experience yet doesn’t mean you should give up on the idea of becoming an actor completely. Instead, look at different ways to build your experience and get involved in the industry.

Get To Know The Film Industry

A passion for the film industry is definitely beneficial if you want to become a film actor. If you’re interested in theatre, then knowing the theatre industry inside out is also recommended. There is no harm in reading up about how films are made, what they do to promote them, how the budget is spent and even how management companies work within the film industry. This alone won’t land you a job, but you’ll find life easier as an actor with a basic knowledge of all of these.

Start Acting

This sounds easy doesn’t it? And it really can be! Did you know that Envisage Casting Agency work with supporting actors with no experience at all? Starting out as an extra is a fantastic way to get to know the film industry and how it all works. Not only that, but you get to learn from professionals by watching them work and you get to build up your experience. We work with actors with all abilities and it doesn’t matter what you look like or where you’re from. You could start building up your acting experience easily just by signing up to be a supporting artist on our books.

Practice Makes Perfect

Much like any skilled job, the more practice you can get the better. Getting comfortable in front of the camera is a must. Signing up to be an extra can also help with this. It is also worth filming yourself (even if only on your mobile phone) and watching this back. You might find it uncomfortable watching yourself the first few times, but it is essential for improving your techniques and understanding what you can do to become a better actor.

Ask For Feedback

Whether you’re working as an extra or you simply filming yourself practising, make sure you ask people for feedback. This could be any industry professionals you have become friendly with, or a friend you know will be honest with you. Sometimes it can be scary to ask for this feedback, especially if you’re not expecting it to be all positive, but it’s a great way to ensure you are always improving your skills.