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Social Media Influencers

Social media is always in the news. It has become an extremely successful marketing technique with social media influencers pushing brands to amazing heights. How exactly does social media work? How do you choose an influencer? How do you know which one is right for you?

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What is a social media influencer?

They are quite simply people who can influence others to buy or use a product. Instagram, TikTok, Facebook are their main spheres of activity resulting in creating large numbers of followers, keen to see what they recommend or do. For a fee, social media influencers will showcase specific products, giving them publicity on their social media channels.

A social media influencer works in the same way as a brand ambassador. They tell people about a product or service, they talk about it and give positive reviews. As a result, their followers will follow their example and buy a product or decide to use a service.

Why use social media influencers?

There are lots of benefits that can be enjoyed as a result.

• Explore a new target market
• If you want to expand your market to reach new people, new segments of the population then social media influencers can help. A carefully chosen influencer doesn’t simply put up a picture showing them with your product – they add captions and hashtags. Often their followers resend the posting to other people, ultimately putting a product in front of thousands of potential customers.
• Develop sales and brand awareness
• Online competition between brands can be fierce, as everyone seeks to attract attention. Using social media is becoming a popular method way of increasing brand awareness and sales.
• Cost-effective
• The costs of using a using a social media influencer depend entirely on the product, the influencer and the number of postings required to meet your campaign targets. This type of marketing is regarded as being extremely cost-effective as the results can be mind-boggling.

Choosing a social media influencer

When choosing a social media influencer you need to consider

• Budget
• Using a celebrity will be costly. You are paying for their name. It means that your product will be placed in front of millions of followers, whereas a smaller budget will only be accept to influencers with smaller numbers of followers. This factor can create a very positive outcome.
• Following
• The number of followers is not necessarily important. What really matters is how often those followers engage with the influencer, or have the right customer demographic. Choose an influencer whose following suits your requirements.
• Reach and interaction
• Social media influencers must be active on line. They have to interact regularly with their followers in order to keep their interest. Consequently they have a strong audience, keen to know more and read their posts.

Hiring an influencer

All it takes is a phone call or email. Tell us what type of influencer you are seeking and we will find the most suitable from our extensive database. It is quick, simple and cost efficient.