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Professional Costume Performers and Mascots

Making events stand out is the key to success. Using a costumed mascot adds a distinctive, memorable touch to any event.  It catches the attention of visitors, and makes a great subject for photographs.

What is an event mascot?

Mascots are characters linked to a specific brand or event.  The mascot becomes its visible face, an image that is instantly recognisable to visitors.

Hiring someone to take on the role of an event mascot brings a character to life as they interact with visitors.

Professional actors are often employed as event mascots because they know how to talk and present a character to a wide audience.  Alternatively, it may be a costumed performer responsible for meeting and greeting visitors, and posing for photographs.

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Why hire a professional event mascot?

There are five very good reasons why you should do so.

Professionals know how to approach people in a friendly way

Being approached by a giant banana, dog or other costumed character can be scary for a child, while adults often duck out of sight. This is not the reaction you want! What you do want is someone who can make visitors laugh and smile, who can approach people in a very unthreatening way – and who knows just when it is better to retreat.

Costumed mascots are designed to introduce some fun and colour into an event, attracting attention from passers by. That is why brands use costumed mascots – they know they will get a positive reaction.

Mascots are a great promotional tool

The appearance of a mascot makes people stop and stare. They pay attention to the brand, and will in future associate the brand with that mascot.
Above all, it makes people talk about the brand, and often post pictures of encounters with the mascot on social media.

Mascots charm and enchant

As soon as a costumed mascot appears, people stop, stare and smile. Children want photographs.

Mascots have instant appeal. They are fun, amusing and eye catching.

It makes your brand instantly approachable and appealing. A mascot gives a brand a human face. People want to stop and chat – making the perfect moment for your sales staff to join in the conversation.

Mascots extend your brand’s visibility

Standing out is always hard for any company, especially at a busy event. Using a costumed character mascot, the task becomes easier. Mascots can meander where they want through the crowds, attracting attention wherever they go. This means the more people see your logo, and it encourages people to search out your stand.

Visibility par excellence

This is the Age of the Selfie, of countless images on social media platforms from Facebook to Tik Tok. Having a photo taken with a cheery mascot immediately reaches thousands of people via sharing on social media. Just make sure that your logo is visible!

Can an event mascot help your publicity?

Almost certainly! Just think of all the occasions where you can use a colourful character in your marketing and promotions.

Get a quote to hire a mascot performer

Finding someone suitable to take on the role is easy. Just have a word with us. We guarantee to have the perfect mascot ready and waiting to join you at your next event.