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Background Extras, Walk-ons and Crowds in Birmingham

Birmingham and Peaky Blinders are an irresistible combination. This popular drama series has had a massive impact on Birmingham’s position as a centre for creativity, TV and film production. Vibrant and busy, Birmingham is a creative hotspot.

As a result, demand for professional extras, performers, walk-ons, artists, musicians and dancers has grown extensively over the past few years and there are no signs of a slow down. In fact, demand is constantly rising among film companies of all kinds as well as PR agencies looking to create attention grabbing stunts.

HIRE CROWDS FOR photo shoots BIRMINGHAM midlands

Our brilliant performers, extras and walk on’s are constantly in demand to fulfil bookings in Birmingham and the surrounding area. Whatever type of performer you require, we have ideal matches within our local database ready and willing to take part in your production. It doesn’t matter how many takes you need to get the perfect shot – our professional, trained staff will keep going until you succeed.

Why choose Envisage Casting Agency?

We pride ourselves on our service and guarantee to provide top quality staff on every occasion.

We are part of the nationwide Envisage Group, and over the past couple of decades have provided extras, performers, dancers, actors and walk ons in Birmingham for almost every type of film or event you can imagine.

We aim to work closely with you to ensure you find the exact people you need. We know just how much hard work goes into organising films, theatre productions, publicity promotions and stunts. We can reduce the amount of stress and administration involved by making your job easier.

We provide more than just a selection of profiles. We know our employees – we get to know them personally. They are not just profiles on a website. When they sign up to our database we take the time to talk to them, find out what they can offer, their skills and background. We check out their details.

When you make a booking, we check out their availability first and ensure that they can take part in your event.

How does hiring extras or crowds work?

All it takes is one phone call to start the booking process.

Tell us exactly what you need. Tell us when, what, where, how many and what type of people. What skill sets are involved?

Do you want any specialist skills? Do they need to be able to cycle, ride a horse, drive a boat? Bear in mind that our database contains people with unusual skills such as acrobats, magicians, stilt walkers and Santa Claus!

We provide you with a matching list of potential participants as well as a no hidden extra quotation. Whatever the fee we quote, is the one you will pay.

Make your choice, book them in and you are guaranteed that they will arrive on set exactly as required, ready to take part immediately you need them.

We offer a Professional Casting Agency Service

No matter how big your project, whether you want one person or several hundred, we provide exactly the same professional quality service every time. Our team will work with you to make sure that everything goes totally and completely smoothly.

Contact us now and discuss your requirements for a fast, professional service.