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Hire Promotional Character Performers and Mascots

What if you could bring your mascot to life or create a buzz at your event with a costumed performer? You can with professional promotional character performers and mascots from Promotional Staff UK!

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Why hire character performers and mascots?

The answer is simple – it brings your promotion or marketing event to life! From children to adults, there is something fun and engaging about seeing your favourite character lift from the page or screen. For children, interacting with their favourite character is the stuff of memories and a great photo opportunity too. Just think of how many times that photo, with your brand included, will be shared online…

But it’s important to get it right. We work with talented performers from across the UK to bring character performers and mascots to life.

As well as being experienced in performing, our staff are also trained and experienced in how to connect and engage with the public. Whether is bringing an animated character to life or giving a performance mimicking a superstar, the performer and performance have to be appropriate and professional.

How to find the best character performers and mascots for hire in the UK

Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place. It takes one phone call to the Bookings Team at Promotional Staff UK to find the performer (and the costume too, if needed!) who is right for your event.

  • We’ve worked with big brand names to lift their promotional event plan off the page…
    In Cambridgeshire, we supplied staff dressed as giant ants to promote a product
  • Giant Monsters (our performers in disguise!) roamed the streets of Kent for an event
  • Themed promotional staff, we can supply the costumes or you can
  • We’ve also supplied performers to spend the duration of events for Golden Wonder to promote their latest line in crisps and snacks

These are just three examples of hundreds of events our costumed performers and mascots have made a difference too. Could your event be next?

How to hire our costumed performers and mascots

The only limit to what our performers can do is your imagination. You may have a mascot costume ready – you just need an experienced, professional and vetted performer to interact with your fans and audience, and to make the most of every photo opportunity of course!

Or, you may need help sourcing costumes or you may need a whole chorus of performers to get your event noticed. No matter how big or small your event, what your needs are, how many mascots you need or what kind of performance you are looking for, we have the people!

Call us on 0844 800 0071 or complete the contact us form below to find out more and for a no-obligation quote.