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Exciting New Signings at Envisage Casting Agency: Meet Fran and Darron

New faces - new actors to Envisage casting agencyAt Envisage Casting Agency, we pride ourselves on continuously expanding our roster with exceptional talent, ensuring our clients have access to the best in the industry. We are thrilled to announce two incredible new signings, Fran and Darron, who bring a wealth of experience and talent to our agency. Here’s a closer look at their impressive backgrounds:

Fran: A Versatile Talent with a Rich Background in Marketing and Performance

Fran’s multifaceted career spans across various prestigious venues and roles, showcasing her versatility and dedication to her craft. She has worked at the renowned Excel Centre and London Olympia, as well as at events like the Royal Berkshire Polo Club and the Salon Privé Supercar Event at Blenheim Palace. Her marketing expertise is equally impressive, having served as a Marketing Officer at the ISTD and a Marketing Executive at Halo Financial.

In addition to her marketing prowess, Fran is an accomplished musical theatre performer and teacher. Her experience extends to numerous acting and modeling shoots, where she has demonstrated her ability to captivate audiences and bring characters to life. Fran has also excelled as a hostess, further proving her adaptability and charm. We are excited to have Fran join Envisage Casting Agency, and we look forward to seeing the diverse roles she will undertake.

Darron: A Seasoned Actor and Model with Two Decades of Experience

Darron brings over 20 years of professional experience as a freelance actor and model to Envisage Casting Agency. His extensive background in the industry makes him a valuable addition to our team. Darron has consistently demonstrated his talent in various settings, from exhibition halls to high-profile events.

He has been a regular at the National Wedding Show at Excel and Birmingham NEC, where he has modelled and showcased his skills. Most recently, Darron worked as an Artist Liaison at Ru Paul’s Drag Con in January 2024, further highlighting his versatility and ability to thrive in different environments. Additionally, he has modelled in high street fashion shows across the country, including Canary Wharf and Milton Keynes.

Darron’s commitment to his craft and his ability to adapt to various roles make him an exceptional talent. We are delighted to welcome Darron to Envisage Casting Agency and are excited to see the dynamic roles he will bring to life.

Join Us at Envisage Casting Agency

At Envisage Casting Agency, we are dedicated to matching the right talent with the perfect opportunities. Fran and Darron exemplify the high standards we uphold, and we are confident they will make significant contributions to our clients’ projects.

If you are looking for top-tier talent for your next event, production, or campaign, contact Envisage Casting Agency today. With our diverse and talented roster, we are ready to help you bring your vision to life.