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Have you ever thought of becoming an actor?

Many people dream of becoming a professional actor.  Making the grade requires a lot of very hard work, but for those who make it the opportunities for a varied, interesting career are immense.

Most people enter the acting profession by attending a recognised course at a drama school, learning all the techniques and skills that they will need in their future career.

Creating an Acting portfolio

Create a portfolio clearly identifying all that you can do. Your CV should include acting credits, personal contact information, training details, Equity membership as well as any special skills like dancing, acrobatics or music. Have a show reel ready containing clips highlighting your experience, performances and skills. Always remember that it is this portfolio that will determine whether a casting director will ask you to audition.

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Attending auditions and casting calls are essential. You may only have a few minutes during that audition to prove to the casting director that you are ideal for a specific role. Preparation is vital. Practise your performance so that it is error free.

Information on auditions and casting calls can be obtained from your agent, but you will need to supplement this from your own research. Contact events agencies and check out online platforms, while newspapers like The Stage can provide opportunities.

Bear in mind that there are many different types of work available:

• Screen work on films, TV, web streaming, commercials
• On stage in the theatre performing plays and musicals
• Voice work creating animations, radio ads, video games, bringing audio books alive, pod casting, TV ad backgrounds
• Promotional work at exhibitions, corporate events, public and private events

Different skills are needed for each type of work. Having a good singing voice can offer a way into musicals, while an ability to mix with crowds can be useful for exhibitions or promotional work.