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Impact of Tik Tok in Marketing

In this current generation Tik Tok is at the top of the list for most popular apps, in the UK the number of monthly active users of this app is 9.2million and the majority of users are between 10 to 19 years old. This app allows individuals to post themselves and others dancing, lip syncing, comedy, reviewing items, promoting brands, recipes and many more different types of videos for everyone to watch.
Young people enjoy this app as they can use it as an outlet to express themselves through videos that people in the community can see. Individuals can socialise with friends through the app as well as making friends with those who have the same interests.

Influencers throughout Tik Tok

Throughout all social media there are influencers. Influencers are people who usually have a big following which enables them to promote their business/other peoples as well as brands. Influencers use the Tik Tok platform to gain followers who can then see what they are promoting and buy their products as they see other people commenting how they enjoy the products etc.

They can also use this platform to engage with their followers by duetting their videos of them using their products, wearing the brands and many other things. Young people get inspired by influencers as they see them as someone they aspire to be like.

Envisage getting involved with Tik Tok

Back in September our Envisage acting staff queued impatiently and angrily as they waited for someone to get out of the toilet for a Tik Tok game advert. Our staff acted professionally during their time on set and always arrive punctually and promptly when on a job for any client.

Finding staff who can adapt to these scenarios can be tricky however here at Envisage we pride ourselves in sourcing the correct talent to your specific demographic.