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Looking for some innovative activities and events perfect for colder autumn/winter days?

We’ve pulled together a few promotional ideas that are perfect for corporate events that will certainly get people talking, and provide lots of social media or blog material.

Take a look at these suggestions and be inspired

Hold a Murder Mystery session

A death occurs in a dramatic fashion. All the clues are present. It is just a matter of trying to deduce what is relevant, what are the red herrings and just who is the murderer. Add extra interest by hiring some actors to take on various roles such as spectators to the crime who then have to interviewed to provide yet more clues.

Make a movie

Provide equipment and a theme, then leave the group to devise a storyline and produce it as a film. Bring in some professional actors and dancers for extra impact. Use the film as a training aid or a blog resource. It makes a good talking point within the company.


It makes a great theme to liven up the darker days of autumn especially if you are looking for sponsorship or unusual corporate events. Just think of the possibilities – orienteering or team challenge sessions can be enlivened by the sudden appearance of a few ghosts, ghoulies and vampires! Why not host some pumpkin carving sessions, or have a ghostly treasure hunt?

Circus workshops

Learning to juggle, walk a low tightrope or use circus equipment is always fun. With the aid of a few specialist teachers, this can prove a very entertaining training or corporate activity.

Make your own gin

The Gin renaissance that has taken place over the past two decades has resulted in the development of numerous gin companies throughout the UK, offering very distinct and different types of gin. Have a taster session, and then learn how to create your own bespoke bottle of gin, as well as branding and labelling it.

Brewery tours

A great incentive and promotional activity. Invariably it involves tasting a variety of beers and having a guided tour explaining just how beer is made. Why not combine it with a task driven exercise focusing on marketing and designing beer bottle or tin?

Baking workshops

With programmes like The Great Bake Off constantly attracting large audiences, acquiring skills in baking, cake decorating offer considerable appeal. It can prove very challenging as well as competitive.

Chocolate making

Irresistible – who doesn’t like chocolate! Bringing in a specialist chocolatier to teach some of the skills involved in making your own chocolate and decorating chocolates can prove a popular corporate activity.

Host a Mad Hatters Tea Party

Entertaining, fun and a great way to arouse interest and publicity, as well as rewarding staff. Anything can happen at a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, with wacky food, awkward waiters and naturally hats to wear. You could even combine it with a mystery event – who killed the Hatter!

Axe throwing

Visit a venue or bring a mobile team to you. Axe throwing has been growing in popularity over recent years. Basically it involves throwing axes at a target and trying to hit the centre. It is not as easy as it sounds. The axes can be a bit unwieldy and all too often targets get missed. A great way of organising a team event, as groups can get very competitive. It makes great material for company blogs as well as being perfect for team building sessions.