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People to Dress as Clowns for a Photo Shoot

We are looking for people to be engaged in a photo shoot in London.

You will be dressed as a clown (Simple costume, red nose etc) and asked to do various silly poses to camera.

The shoot is for still shots only (No Video)

You don’t have to be a model or anything special to fit the job description. You can be big or small and you certainly do not have to be a supermodel. We are just looking for regular looking people.

Please send us two headshots of yourself (No Studio photos) when applying. One photo of you smiling at the camera and another of you pulling a funny “moaning” looking face!
6TH December 2023
8.45am to 6pm
£150 plus £175 Buy Out Fee (The photos will be used across the company’s social media channels, website and sent for press release.