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All types and sizes of companies use brand ambassadors. It can be as simple as tapping into friends and family when promoting start up businesses, to reaching out celebrities and social media influencers by big companies. Whatever the method, brand ambassadors play a crucial role in creating a positive marketing strategy. They are, quite simply, a brand’s most important customers.

Defining a brand ambassador

Every brand ambassador has to be passionate about a brand. They are taking time and effort to promote it, talk about it to anyone who might be interested. They can connect with a wide range of potential customers, often through their online activities.

Not all brand ambassadors are paid employees. They do get free perks like free products, complimentary membership, and special invites,

Are brand ambassadors a type of PR?

Brand ambassadors are more than PR. They also combine elements of human resource roles. A brand ambassador has to educate potential customers about a brand, they have to promote it and make it well known. They also provide customer services, dealing with queries about the company.


Brand Ambassadors are great at networking. They are good communicators, and provide visibility for your brand even when you cannot be at an event yourself. Networking events, trade shows, exhibitions, conferences can take up a lot of time and money. Brand ambassadors can attend events like this on your behalf. Often they will be attending the event automatically due to their work – sports people often attend sports events to take part as well as acting as brand ambassadors for sporting goods or athletic wear.

Delivering the message

A good brand ambassador is able to promote a brand through a variety of platforms. If your brand is one which appeals mainly to Millennials, then you have to seek out a brand ambassador who is working with that group especially on social media such as Twitter or Tik Tok.

Providing feedback

Brand ambassadors can provide valuable feedback about how consumers perceive your brand, especially in relation to competitors. They can tell you what people think about it, about the quality of your products or services, whether they are actually meeting the target market’s requirements. Choose brand ambassadors who can be trusted to give reputable feedback – after all, you need a honest view of what people think of your business in order to succeed.

Brand ambassadors vs Spokespersons

A big mistake is to equate brand ambassadors with being spokespeople for your company. They are not. A brand ambassador doesn’t get paid for what they do. They are supporting your brand because they want to do so. A spokesperson is usually a celebrity well known to the public, who is paid for their work. Spokespeople are often unfamiliar with the brand, they are just aligned with it for a short period.
Celebrities can sometimes successfully take on both roles but you need to be clear as to what they are expected to do.

What makes a great brand ambassador?

Brand ambassadors need to be friendly, outgoing and good communicators. They make a good first impression on everyone they meet. They love to perform, to be part of the social round and like promoting products. A good brand ambassador is able to represent a brand in any circumstances, any setting or location.

Working with a brand ambassador can be a very successful marketing tool. You can connect with a specific audience and really make a campaign stand out.