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Yearning for an acting career?

For people with talent, it can provide a fascinating and very satisfying career option.

Do you have what it takes?

Good actors share certain characteristics:

• They love performing in public

• They enjoy entertaining other people

• Actors are naturally creative and inventive

• They like being the centre of attention

• Actors are very outgoing and extrovert

Actors are great at influencing people – which explains why many also become online influencers!

How do you become an actor?

Most people enter the acting profession having completed college or university drama courses. They have usually been involved in acting from a very early age, having taken part in drama sessions at school and becoming active members of local drama societies.

Lifelong training

You need to be committed, and prepared to work hard. It is not for the faint hearted. Acting requires constant study, learning lines and gestures. Actors also have to be prepared to listen to advice, and follow instructions from producers and directors.

You never stop learning as an actor. At every stage of your career, you will find new things and new skills to learn. Every project, every performance requires learning something new whether simply new lines or ways of portraying a character, working as a team.

Take every opportunity that arises to learn a new skill. You never know when it might make the difference between gaining a part or losing it. Nor is it just acting skills – life skills can be equally important to gain such as learning to manage, set building, horse riding, computer skills, circus skills.

Obtaining acting work

Keep your CV and portfolio permanently updated. Check it frequently and make sure that any new skills or experience have been added, and that information is accurate.

Be flexible – remember that every job provides experience no matter whether it is performing in classical drama or taking part in a sales promotion, advert or flash mob.

Network – the more people in the business that you know, the more chance you will have hearing about new projects, ventures or opportunities.

The essential way to obtain acting work – follow our tips for success

Bring an up to date resume and headshot to every audition

Be on time

Be honest about what you can do

If you make a mistake during the audition – acknowledge it.

Show how keen you are to take part in the project

Dress appropriately

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