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Acknowledge your employees with an Oscars style event!

Incessant camera flashes, crowds of people chattering and pointing out celebrities immediately attract attention of people in the vicinity, or passing by. It is human nature to stop, stare and watch, curious as to what is happening. Glamour, glitz and publicity – red carpet events are guaranteed to instantly attract attention, which is why Oscars and BAFTA style occasions are popular with marketeers.

There is no better way to acknowledge employees who have gone the extra mile, put in the extra effort to do something special or to exceed targets. For a short time, they become celebrities in their own right. It becomes an occasion that they will not forget, and help cement their involvement with your company because they realise that their efforts are being appreciated and recognised. It encourages staff loyalty and initiative, rewarding their efforts – and it is also great for your company since events like this make great social media, and promoting within the wider company.

Organise your own Red Carpet Event

Organising a red carpet event of this kind is not difficult. It can be tailored to almost any venue, any type of company or organisation. You can even give it special touches, making it an individual, bespoke event. Just think for a few minutes about the creative touches that can be added:

Every red carpet event always features a backdrop bearing logos and company names. Photographing celebrities against such backdrops ensures that the logos/brand names appear frequently on social media, as the resultant images get shared time and time again. You can even reuse the backdrop on other occasions such as at trade shows and conferences, or at company events.

Walking along a red carpet is one thing, how about adding a bespoke logo mat for the actual awards ceremony. Again it can be reused on future occasions.

Decorate the awards area with flowers or balloons. It adds to the glamour and glitz, making it even more special for the attendees.

Encourage attendees to create social media content about the event, adding special hashtags and company branding

Why not film the event? You can always turn it into audio clips for podcasts, training sessions, use stills in brochures and social media or create a promotional film for your website. Circulating images and scenes from the event around the company encourages others to think that they too could one day participate in such an event.

Hire a crowd or flash mob. Having a group of people suddenly burst into song, or start dancing makes everyone stop and watch. It adds to the glamour and excitement, the glitz and thrill.

Making sure that there are people outside the venue waiting for the award winners to arrive makes their entrance special. As they step onto the red carpet, people clapping, shouting out good wishes, interviewing them and the flash of cameras is guaranteed to impress and make their arrival stand out. They truly become celebrities in every way. All it takes is a phone call to book a suitable crowd, who will really make the occasion come alive and be totally memorable.