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Planning to launch a new product?

Don’t forget the importance of product testing.

Thousands of new products come onto the market every year.  Only a fraction of those products actually survive. So how do you make sure that your product is one of those survivor?

The answer is to carry out a product testing programme.  Also known as consuming testing & comparative testing, it enables you to find out exactly what people think of your product. 

Testers will provide opinions about their likes, dislikes and any problems they have encountered. 

Equally important is the need for impartial checking of any claims that are made by marketing and advertising promotions.  Do the products and service match up with those claims?

Effective, detailed product testing is extremely important:

  • It provides feedback from actual consumers
  • Checks that the product or service meets specifications and regulations
  • Provides data for any scientific or quality assurance requirements
  • Provides evidence for patents and product liability
  • Solves any underlying problems with existing products
  • Identifies potential cost savings
  • Makes certain that promises made in marketing and advertising campaigns are met
  • Checks product uniformity
  • Reproduce any damage that can occur during use
  • Checks for potential stresses and weaknesses

Product testing has a long history, as manufacturers know that they have to produce products that match specific requirements and pre-determined standards.  Setting up testing systems to make sure that those requirements were met was essential.  At the same time, consumer advocates like Frederick J Schlink and Stuart Chase wanted to identify a way of making sure that customers could accurately judge product standards. They launched an American guide known as Your Money’s Worth. This was subsequently followed by the founding of the Consumer’s Research organisation, the first ever consumer movement.  This was quickly replicated elsewhere in the world.

As a result product testing has become extremely important, from a legislative, consumer and business viewpoint. 

Ignore it at your peril! Employing product testers during product development will result in a product which has ironed out any imperfections, is fully merchantable and has consumer approval – which makes the launch much easier.

Hire people to do product testing for you

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