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Beautiful brides of Barcelona

Choosing the perfect wedding dress is the hardest task for any bride. Not surprisingly, events such as the Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week attract vast numbers of people keen to discover the latest trends and styles, and above all – to gain inspiration to offer to their clients.

Linking retail buyers with manufacturers and designers, the Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week catches attention worldwide. With the world’s media present in full force, manufacturers and designers are always keen to capture attention and publicity. It is entertaining, fun and exciting combining the spectacle of a fashion catwalk with the pressure of an exhibition or trade fair. Not surprisingly, this is a much sought after event promoting everything needed by a bride and her entourage including bridesmaid’s dresses, groom’s suits and special occasion dresses.

So what is in favour with brides at the moment?

Ruffles – consistently popular, whether in large numbers or just a solo, eye catching flounce

Beads – bridal beads, especially sequins definitely feature strongly. The hint of glitter and sparkle as a bride heads up the aisle always captures attention and makes a dress really stand out.

Long sleeves – a very practical addition, long sleeves can look really stunning. Just think of the Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding dress with its delicate lace sleeves. For many brides too, there is the question of modest dress to be considered – long sleeves, high necklines and lots of lace is a wonderful way to have the dress of their dreams.

Multicolours – White, cream and ivory will always be popular but colours are in vogue especially for bridesmaids or even brides celebrating their second wedding. Floral embroidery in delicate colours can enhance a dress, while for brides wanting to make a dramatic statement – bright shades of blues, pinks and golds are increasingly coming to the forefront.

To show off designs like these, well trained models are essential, people who know how to present a dress to its best advantage, highlighting every swirl or rustle of a skirt. Although Envisage models were not lucky enough to be on the Barcelona catwalk, they do appear on countless other catwalks at bridal shows around the UK. If you want to be among the up and coming models of the future, send us your promotional images and kick start a catwalk career.