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Essential characteristics needed by successful Casting Agencies

Finding and organising casts for films, TV and promotional work needs a lot of skill. To be successful in this task requires good people possessing the right talents and skills. If you are looking for a company to supply a cast, then you should bear in mind the seven key requirements needed.


Every Casting Agency needs an experienced team who know what companies are searching for when it comes to providing the best extras, actors and supporting artists. Inevitably, even the best laid plans can go awry at times – trying to film in unexpected bad weather can cause havoc with schedules, or suddenly needing more extras and actors at short notice. This is where using an experienced agency can make a difference since they can use their experience to provide the best help fast.


Casting Agencies need to be versatile and flexible – just like the actors, extras and supporting staff they provide.

Calm under stress

Finding staff at short notice, co-ordinating large numbers of extras, actors and supporting staff, making sure everyone has the right information and gets to where they should be to a tight timetable can be very stressful. There may be lots of different messages coming to and fro, changes being made and extras suddenly unavailable due to illness. Keeping to timetables under such conditions is not easy. A Casting Agency that stays calm under stress is one that is going to provide the staff you need and the support you need when you need it.


When you are shooting a film or undertaking a promotional stunt, you need to know that the extras, actors and supporting staff will be exactly where you want them – and that you have the back up of a reliable Casting Agency to deal with any unexpected problems. A good Casting Agency needs to be available 24/7 when necessary, even it means working in the evenings or weekends. Filming and events can take place at all hours of the day and night which means long hours of work. Knowing that a Casting Agency is ready to help and go the extra mile when needed can be a valuable aid.


Good communication skills make a difference, along with a smile. Casting Agency teams and their staff need to be very approachable, friendly and able to work with everyone.


Definitely desirable! Finding staff, co-ordinating and maintaining large databases of people ready to be called 24/7 requires a lot of enthusiasm. If the agency is enthusiastic, then it is more likely that the extras, actors and supporting casts they supply will be equally enthusiastic and outgoing.