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Easy Ways to improve your profile to get more extra and acting work!Easy Ways to improve your profile to get more extra and acting work!

Want more work? Then take a close look at your profile and see how it can be improved.

What Photos should you supply?

Clients judge you by your photograph. Make sure you have updated your photographs so that they show you as you are now. The older the photographs, the more likely you will have changed your appearance.

Ideally, you should update your photographs at least once a month – and immediately if you have had a dramatic change in your hairstyle.

Remember that you can put tags on your photographs, enabling you to be automatically considered for various categories. The most popular ones are current look front, a profile view of your current look, and a back view.

None of these photographs have to be professional studio shots. You can use selfies, as long as they are well lit, well framed and in focus.

Don’t use photoshopped or filtered images. These will not show you as you are – and that is what potential clients want to see.

Other possible categories worth considering are alternative looks and styles for your hair, make up and wardrobe. Simple changes can make a lot of difference. For example if you have long hair, put it up. Instead of wearing black, wear a bright colour or a pastel.

If you have a visible tattoo, or piercings, make sure they are visible in at least one photograph.

Remember that if your photographs do not show the real you, then casting directors could well cancel your booking as soon as you arrive on set.

Maximise your profile details

Add as many measurements as you can. Remember that if your profile doesn’t include any measurements, bookers will ignore it. If they are searching for a stand in or a double, or someone to wear a specific costume, then exact measurements are one of the key criteria they will use.

Make sure too that your contact information is correct and include an emergency contact number.

Ensure your address is up to date

Add in any skills, linguistic ability, special training, full experience

Response time

Above all respond immediately you are contacted! Most clients want to make decisions quickly.

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