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Why brands are hiring more mature models

Traditionally mature models have been overlooked. Younger models have gained all the publicity – but no longer. Brands are realising that hiring mature models – people aged 40+ can offer something special. This is an increasingly important demographic for many products and services. Using a model that matches that target demographic makes sense.

Demand for mature models is constantly rising ensuring that whatever your age, height and size, work is available.

Why attitudes have changed

People are living longer lives. Better diets, exercise and healthy lifestyles mean that everyone is living longer and healthier. Average life expectancy is now 80+ and many people continue working beyond the official retirement age. The result is that mature models in all age ranges are in demand. Companies want to attract these customer demographics, which are dominating product and service requirements. With age no longer a barrier, demand for mature models is increasingly rapidly.

Mature models have much to offer

Mature models immediately appeal to a specific audience because they match brand values. They offer authenticity – customers want brands that live up to a brand image. By offering an image that matches target customers, it ensures customers are more likely to choose those brands. They will connect. It shows the company is genuine in its promises and approach.

Success stories

People do not identify themselves by age. The world is much more varied than that. People consider issues of race, size, interest, ethnic origins, beliefs much more important than age. Using mature models ensures a wide customer appeal.

Just take a look around the marketplace. There are many success stories among mature models.
Marie Helvin has been modelling for decades. Now aged 60+ she is modelling lingerie.
Carmen Dell’Orefice has been modelling since she was 15 years old and appeared on the front of Vogue for the first time.
Daphne Selfe began modelling in 1949. Still successful and is very much sought after. She models for Dolce & Gabbana, and has worked with Olay and GAP.
These are the perfect examples of how age doesn’t matter – it is only a number.

Age is no barrier

Companies need to include models of all ages and interests in their campaigns because this provides access to a massive range of customers. People expect to see a variety of faces, sizes, ethnicity and colour in every promotional campaign. If this is not provided, then your promotion is immediately unattractive to a large proportion of the population.

Age is just a number – people are much more than that.