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Heart UK Needed a Crowd of 100 People – We Were Happy To Help

hiring a crowd of 100 people in LondonWe were approached by Heart UK to help raise awareness of checking your cholesterol and how important that is. They told us that around 60% of people in the UK potentially high cholesterol and because they haven’t undertaken any checks they’re not aware – which costs the NHS £16 million every year! It is thought that this could be avoided with regular checking, so they wanted us to help raise awareness of getting this checked out.

What We Did – Arranging a large crowd

To ensure maximum impact we recruited a large group of established actors to help do this. In a collaboration between a PR agency and Envisage Casting Agency, we gathered a crowd of people and set about creating some fun throughout London in order to raise awareness. We worked with a mixed crowd, all dressed differently to represent the different people that may have been out and about in London on a normal workday.

We then arranged for 20 of the people in the crowd to be wearing large yellow, inflated suits. This helped to represent the 1 in 5 people who possibly have high cholesterol. We had them all walk through busy parts of London and the 80 people not dressed in yellow suits acted shocked at the people that were – creating a stir to the outer crowd that wasn’t involved! As you can imagine, it got people talking.

The Bigger Picture

We made sure that the event was filmed and photographed to help promote the event in future too. The whole scene made the national press which massively helped the Heart UK campaign.

If you’re looking to arrange any sort of event that needs to create a stir, have a crowd take part, need some faces in a crowd to spread the word or anything else then get in touch with Envisage Casting Agency today and chat about your needs.