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Why use a casting agency?

Hire an actor for short filmAs with most services, you hire them to solve a task. Using a casting agency is no different. Our services include sourcing actors to feature in a film or TV series. Typically, the production company responsible for the feature will reach out to us with the project. Our task is to match the talent to the roles within the film.

Our efforts are closely linked to & managed by the casting director. Ultimately it is the casting director who signs off on who is right for the part. We consider things like character brief, look right for the role, availability and on occasion to see if they will attract an audience.

Whilst the choice is ultimately yours, we do a lot of the leg work for you. We can read the script, draw up a list of possible actors along with availability. On some occasions we can be involved onsite during filming days to manage large numbers of actors & especially if there are 100’s of extras.

What are the stand out features of a casting agency?

• Industry Knowledge: We have a strong knowledge of and a passion for cinema with the ability to pair talent with productions
• Familiarity with actors: We have built up relationships with actors and industry professionals, keeping us in the loop of new and existing talent
• Administrative skills: complete office and organisational tasks efficiently, have a professional phone and email manner for contacting actors and clients, anticipate what needs to be done next
• Communication: build a camaraderie with actors’ agents, communicate effectively with actors, directors and producers, work efficiently alongside the casting director and team to ensure the smooth-running of casting sessions

How can I get in touch with a casting agency?

We have an array of staffing solutions to offer you from Extras and runners through to leading roles.

To find out more about how we can help, please click here.