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Demand for mature models is increasing

Traditionally, brands were only interested in younger faces. Now realisation is setting in that this can alienate a large proportion of a potential market. Hiring mature models (aged 40 and over) is increasing in order to match wider target markets. As a result, demand for models from all age groups, sizes and heights is high.

Age is no longer a barrier

People are living longer. Healthy diets and more exercise are enabling people to live longer and enjoy a good lifestyle.

Recognising the scale of that market has meant that demand for older models has grown. Brands need to portray their products in a way that will evoke a response within that older market. At the same time, people are working longer and don’t regard age as a barrier.

Mature models have a lot to offer brands

Mature models can reach older audiences – their presence shows that a brand marketing campaign is linked to specific age groups

Authenticity – consumers want brands that represent them. Brands need to be genuinely authentic, not just giving lip service to a target market. Images need connect with the specific types of customer being sought by a company.

Representation – nowadays people do not define themselves by age. More attention is paid to lifestyle choices and ethnicity when considering purchases rather than it being age dependent. Brands need to have a broad appeal in order to succeed

Mature model success stories

There is lots of evidence to back up such findings. It is now reality. Just consider how many mature models are enjoying extremely successful careers.

Daphne Self represents Dolce & Gabbana, as well as working with Olay and GAP. She began her modelling career in 1949.

Marie Helvin is one of the best known models in the business. Now in her sixties, she is modelling lingerie.

Carmen Dell’Crefice started modelling for Vogue when she was just 15. Now in her 80’s, she is modelling clothing and has also done assignments for Rolex.

Age is immaterial

Age is quite simple unimportant. Mature models are in demand and enjoy extensive career opportunities. Brands ignoring this market risk alienating a large proportion of their potential customers