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Looking for Social Media Influencers?

Social media influencers are one of the fastest growing work sectors. Promoting products and services on social media is extremely popular and can be very successful.

Choosing the right social media influencer is very important. It can dramatically affect the way in which you relate to an audience, or expand your audience base. But just how do you know which influencers are right for you?

Opting for well-known names is an obvious choice for many companies, but there are more cost effective ways generating far better results. It is definitely worth considering the advantages offered by micro-influencers.

What makes micro-influencers so effective?

Business research has shown that it is not necessarily the number of followers but the quality of those followers that determine the success of the work of a social media influencer. A smaller, targeted audience means products or events can be directly introduced to your exact target market.

Micro influencers tend to be more interested and keen to promote your event or products.

The costs of working with a social media influencer depends entirely on exactly who your target market is, the number of posts to be shared, and the length of time involved in your project. This makes a micro-influencer much more cost effective as their charges are far lower.

Envisage can provide an influencer to match your specific target market, at rates as low as £97 per post. We have influencers on our database with concentrated markets dealing with specific areas or topics, while others possess audiences of over 30,000 followers.

Micro-influencer event promotion works brilliantly!

Sponsored posts designed to appear before, during and after an event ensures maximum coverage of a target market. A micro-influencer can provide this facility.

How do micro-influencers create such good marketing results?

hire social media influencersWord of mouth is by far the best way of ensuring people find out about your product or event. People are more likely to be interested if someone they know and trust provides information. The advent of social media in the form of Facebook, TikTok, instagram, Snapchat offers access to digital conversations.

Micro-influencers provide this access to businesses by running sponsored posts, highlighting brands, events and services.

Interested? Then contact us now to find out how our social media influencers can help you?