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Ever thought of joining a flash mob?

It offers tremendous potential for developing singing and dancing skills as well as having a lot of fun.

Demand for flash mobs is continually growing. We get requests for large groups as well as small events involving perhaps just two or three people. Venues can vary considerably. Big public spaces, outside railway stations, shopping malls or it could be a restaurant, exhibition centre or hotel.

Flash mobs appear at banquets, wedding receptions, corporate events. They are ideal promotional methods, gaining publicity for a product, brand or service. Increasingly small groups are in demand for making wedding proposals or surprise birthday celebrations extremely memorable.

Professional singers, dancers, actors and entertainers are always in demand for flash mobs events. It is also a great way for students to earn some extra cash.

Even if you have little experience of dancing and singing, you can still join in flash mob

Flash mobs frequently involve members of the audience joining in for short periods, and undertaking short routines. These are basic, fairly repetitive routines than can be easily learned. As long as you don’t have two left feet then you can join in the fun.

Members of the public often join in these events, especially within big public spaces. Charities and non-profit projects frequently like to get their own volunteers and staff involved. Joining in can make these events even bigger, better and more spectacular.

Big flash mobs are designed to attract attention and create publicity. People film them, place them on social media and the events can quickly go viral. The more people involved the better, since it adds to the overall effect.

Fancy volunteering and having a go? Contact us to see where our next big flash mobs are going to be taking place. Just turn up and enjoy the fun.

Alternatively if you want to earn some cash as part of a flash mob, contact us and register with us here. Tell us about your skills, your experience and background. We will place you on our database, and contact you whenever potential bookings that would suit your skills arise.