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Rent a Crowd – London

Staff and management arriving for a company conference were astounded when they were greeted by a Hollywood style red carpet premiere complete with cheering crowds. The lively welcome set the stage for the energy packed event unveiling plans for the next twelve months.

It was a day to remember, and discuss with colleagues throughout the company.

Ribena and Lucozade had definitely achieved their aims, ensuring the company could concentrate on building its market share. The two brands are well known businesses, part of the Japanese Suntory group European portfolio which also includes Pepsi and Orangina.

All it took was a little thought, a dramatic setting and the sight of a 50 strong crowd cheering all the delegates as they entered the building. The resultant buzz immediately created a lively, friendly, and very positive atmosphere to a major work event.

Organising a crowd

It is no surprise that the lively welcome by a cheering crowd proved so successful. After all, we have been providing bespoke crowds for a long time. Our crowds are guaranteed to be enthusiastic, authentic and diverse. They know how to create an atmosphere possessing true red carpet ambiance.

We can provide tailor-made crowds for any event, large or small.

Send us comprehensive details of your planned event, including the type of crowd you would like. Tell us how many people, the approximate age range, ethnic backgrounds and what you want them to do. We will check your requirements to make sure that everything is clear and that no problems exist.

Our team will check our extensive database and identify people who are ideal for your event. We will send you details of our selected people for you to make your choice.

Once we have your selections, we will immediately send out booking contracts to the successful crowd members.

Before the event, we will make sure that they are all fully aware of what they need to do, and receive a full briefing so that they are ready to work the moment they arrive.

Fifteen minutes before your event begins, our crowd will have gathered outside and will be already attracting attention. They will sweep into action the moment the first delegate arrives.

Attention Grabbing Results

Attention grabbing in every way, the crowds greeting the Ribena and Lucozade event proved highly successful. This was no fluke – every crowd activity creates interest, good media stories, a great atmosphere and a fantastic experience for every delegate.

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