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How Essential is it to Hire Elves for Your Christmas Event?

We would say that for any festive event whether it is a giveaway festive promotion or the Christmas office party, elves are the Christmas performers it needs to move it from ‘ordinary’ to extraordinary.

Supporting the Man in the Red Suit, hiring elves for Christmas events are some of our most popular requests in the run-up to Christmas.

Why hire elves for Christmas events?

The real elves of yesteryear were the workers at Father Christmas’s factory. Throughout the year they toiled, designed and engineered the gifts on everyone’s list for that Christmas. Today, they have a range of smart technology at their disposal and so the modern elf has more time to engage in other activities – turning up for festive events is one of them!

But there are also humans who can, with the right permission and training, take on the role of the Christmas elf, a bit like our promotional staffing team here.

Christmas is a magical time. It should be a fun time and for many retailers and businesses like yours, the time that they maximise sales and optimise brand awareness. No matter your promotion or event, you want to make it memorable.

And that’s where hiring elves for Christmas events comes in.

Why hire elves?

There are many reasons why;

  • Elves are a familiar addition to the gang of festive costume performers alongside Father and Mother Christmas.
  • Elves have a supporting role at some events, helping Santa to connect with his audience
  • Elves can also be the main performers too acting as brand ambassadors, hostesses and sales staff for your brand
  • Elves are multi-talented – they can sing, act, dance, be a performer in a PR stunt or be an integral part of a festive flashmob

There are no limits to the talents and abilities of our professional elves.

What kinds of events can Christmas elves be hired for?

Any! That’s the short answer but to give you some idea, our elves have been prominent at festive events such as office Christmas parties, promotional campaigns, seasonal fairs, Kids parties, events at nursing homes, care homes, hospitals and more. We also arrange private and charity visits too!

How to hire Christmas elves

It is never to early to hire Christmas elves. In fact, the sooner you hire professional elves, the better!

All you need to do is call us on 0844 800 0071 and tell us more about your proposed event or email us using the contact form below. With our quick quote, you’ll have your happy band of elves in place in no time!